Top 5+ Perfect BigSpy Alternatives For Your Digital Advertising

Top 5+ Perfect BigSpy Alternatives For Your Digital Advertising
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Do you ever find yourself feeling like you’re using the same digital advertising tool over and over? It’s hard to keep coming up with fresh ideas when you are stuck in the same loop of ads. You need some BigSpy alternatives so that your ads stand out from the crowd. But how do you know which ones will be best for your ads? Don’t have to worry! I’ve got it all sorted out for you. I’ll give you a list of my top 5+ perfect BigSpy alternatives so that you can pick a winner quickly and get back to making quality ads.

What is BigSpy?

BigSpy is a software that can track your ad campaigns on Yahoo, Google, Bing, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook. BigSpy has over 300,000 members. BigSpy contains 650 million ad creatives and 1 billion adverts.


Filter advertising by country, date produced, total likes, kind, etc. You may filter adverts by eCommerce, travel, health, etc. BigSpy lets you easily copy popular advertising in your niche, unlike AdSpy.

On the other hand, BigSpy has special features for tracking users. Thus, you may discover fresh advertising concepts. Also, you can find the ad type, niche, target audience, etc.

The advantages of using BigSpy

  • BigSpy provides search queries for over 6 networks with numerous possibilities for users
  • Users may search Facebook for 10 free inquiries. BigSpy’s free resources are his after registering
  • Over 400 million inventory and a billion advertising are constantly analyzed
  • Search filters help you find what you want. Their search criteria are excellent
  • BigData selects all hot advertisements everyday
  • This software rapidly learns clients’ preferences and which adverts they like
  • Over 320k satisfied clients with 86% satisfaction boost this tool’s credibility
  • Ad scheduling and performance curve tracking are available

Why do you need to look for Bigspy alternatives?

  • BigSpy Pricing is higher than others
  • The UI confuses newbies
  • Can be complex and overwhelming when first used
  • Some of the database’s data may be outdated.

Top 5+ Perfect BigSpy Alternatives

If you’re in search of powerful alternatives to BigSpy, then fear not! I have the scoop on the top 5+ greatest options available. From breaking into new markets to managing campaigns more efficiently, these tools provide everything you need.


Minea finds winning items and ads. With this tool, you won’t miss any relevant ads across all networks.


Minea tool has become popular among dropshippers, marketers, and influencers in particular. Because it is easy to use and can be use on many social media platforms, and doesn’t cost a lot. Minea ad spy is the most powerful dropshipping tool!

What makes MINEA a better BigSpy alternative?

  • Product Research: Automating the process of researching and identifying popular products in a chosen niche, and by compiling a list of the top 10 products for the day
  • Real-time updates: MINEA will notify you when new products are added to the platform, so you can quickly add them to your catalog and stay up-to-date with the latest trends
  • Competitor Analysis: Allows users to analyze the ads and campaigns of competitors, which can provide valuable insights and ideas for improving your own marketing strategy
  • Influencer Marketing: Provides access to influencers and allows users to filter their search by niche, country or region, age, or gender, to find the right influencer for their products
  • Niche Selection: Discover the best niche for their dropshipping business by identifying niches with high demand and low competition
  • Automation: MINEA automates a lot of the tedious processes that are involved in running a dropshipping business, such as product research, competitor analysis, influencer marketing and niche selection, which can save a lot of time and effort


Dropispy is an eCommerce and dropshipper-specific ad spy tool. It offers an extensive dropshipper and online store ad database. You can filter and see hundreds of thousands of ads using its powerful technologies.


In a few clicks, you can discover great ads and hot dropshipping items! With over 40 million ads; 400 thousand stores, you can follow merchants worldwide. Dropispy also allows you track dropshipping stores.

What makes Dropispy a better BigSpy alternative?

  • Product research: Search and filter through a large database of products from various e-commerce platforms to find profitable products to sell on their online stores
  • Analyze competitors: Analyze competitors’ campaigns, find profitable niches, and get insights into what products are selling well
  • Ad spy: Spy on the ads of competitors and get insights into their targeting, creative, and audience
  • Product analytics: Analytics on the products, such as pricing, sales, and demand, which can help users to make informed decisions about what products to sell
  • Automation: Dropispy automate the process of researching, spying, and finding profitable products


AdSpyder helps you spy on competitors’ online ads. You may analyze your competitors’ Facebook ads and creatives. AdSpyder can help you boost conversion rate, create more leads, and increase your profit.


Instagram’s Ads spy tool provides in-depth information about competing ads, including demographics and engagement rates. AdSpyder’s Bing Ads Spy tool offers you access to millions of advertisements and information about your competitors’ Bing campaigns. Facebook also lets you see your rivals’ marketing content.

What makes AdSpyder a better BigSpy alternative?

  • Ad Database: Large ad database with over 10 million ad copies, which allows users to search and filter for the best-performing ads
  • Real-time Ads: Search and filter for ads in real-time, which can help to ensure that they are always seeing the most up-to-date and relevant ads
  • Brand Scout: Spy on their competitors by entering a brand or website name and seeing the ads that they are running
  • Ad Analytics: AdSpyder provides historical data on ads, including the number of engagements and impressions, which can help users to make informed decisions about their own ad campaigns
  • Domain Ad Keyword Checker: Check for keywords that their competitors are using
  • Ad Number Checker: AdSpyder’s keyword checker feature shows the total number of ads on a particular keyword across multiple ad platforms
  • Multi Ad Platform: Finding ads from all major ad platforms
  • Powerful ad checking: Check ad details based on search keywords, countries, ad positions, and date-wise ad impressions

Dropship Spy

Dropship Spy helps dropshippers find products. It analyzes social media and major e-commerce databases like Ali Express to find high-demand items. Then adds practical insights to assist dropshipping shops make profits.

Dropship Spy
Dropship Spy

What makes Dropship Spy a better BigSpy alternative?

  • Access to a wide range of popular products: Dropship Spy provides access to over 2500 top-selling products from Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, which have been rigorously tested for engagement and sales
  • Product research and analysis: The tool allows users to search and analyze products on Aliexpress and Amazon, providing extensive sales figures, profits, and other key data to help users make informed decisions about which products to sell
  • Time-saving features: Dropship Spy offers features such as ad copy, video ads, and a profit calculator to help users save time and effort in their product research and marketing efforts
  • Connections to suppliers and influencers: The tool provides a list of quality suppliers and influencers in the same niche as the products, making it easy for users to source products and promote them to a targeted audience
  • Increased profits: By using the provided data and features, it can help users identify profitable products and make informed decisions about pricing, advertising, and other aspects of their business, ultimately increasing their profits


AdSpy claims to have the world’s biggest searchable Facebook and Instagram ad database. Around the world, their ad network reaches 123,8 million people (88 languages & 216 countries).


Finding the ads you need is simple with AdSpy‘s vast data and clever search tools. You can discover ads for any online business on Facebook and Instagram thanks to their data.

What makes AdSpy a better BigSpy alternative?

  • Large Database: Large ad database with over 200 million ad creatives and 800 million ads, which allows users to filter and search for ads by various criteria such as location, date created, ad type, and more
  • Ad Analysis: Analyze the ads of their competitors and gain insights into their targeting, creative, and audience. This can help users to improve their own ad campaigns and increase their ROI
  • Ad Spy: Spy on the ads of their competitors, which can provide valuable insights and ideas for improving their own marketing strategy
  • Targeting: AdSpy allows users to target their search based on location, language, and gender, which can help to ensure that they are only seeing the most relevant ads
  • Niche research: AdSpy allows users to filter ads by different niches and discover the winning products, campaigns and the most profitable niches


PowerAdSpy is a program that lets people look at ads on Facebook and Instagram. It gives users access to a large database of ads with information about the ads’ content, who they are aimed at, and how well they do. PowerAdSpy is used to find successful advertising campaigns and get ideas for their own ad campaigns.


What makes PowerAdSpy a better BigSpy alternative?

  • Enhanced Search: PowerAdSpy offers an advanced search feature that allows users to search for ads based on keywords, interests, locations, and other criteria
  • Breakdown Ad Components: Users can breakdown the ad components like headlines, descriptions, images, videos, etc
  • Comprehensive Filters: The tool provides a wide range of filters that allow users to refine their search results, such as by country, language, or ad type
  • Robust Reports: PowerAdSpy offers a variety of reports that provide detailed insights into the performance of ads, such as metrics on engagement, conversions, and ROI
  • Dashboard Personalization: Users can personalize their dashboard to suit their specific needs, by adding or removing specific data points and charts
  • Dynamic Device Compatibility: The tool is compatible with different devices and platforms, allowing users to access and analyze ads from anywhere, at any time
  • Ad Alerts: Users can set alerts for new ads, so that they are informed when a new ad is posted by their competitors
  • Ad History: Users can access the historical data of the ads, so that they can see the performance of the ads over time

Conclusion: Which is the best BigSpy alternatives?

In conclusion, all of the BigSpy competitors listed here have their own pros and cons. Depending on your business needs and goals, each platform can offer something unique and valuable to your strategy. To help you make the best decision, always compare features, costs and customer support options.

By researching the different platforms thoroughly and taking advantage of free trials or discounts whenever you come across them, you’ll soon be able to pick the perfect BigSpy alternative that fits your busy budget while still giving you all the tools necessary to achieve success!

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