Top 5 Best Marmalead Alternatives For Your Etsy Business

Top 5 Best Marmalead Alternatives For Your Etsy Business
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Are you looking for Marmalead alternatives to grow your Etsy business? With the rapidly growing competition in the Etsy marketplace, having the right marketing tool is essential if you want to stand out and find success. In this article, we’ll be looking at the Top 5 best Marmalead Alternatives available today. I’m confident that one of these options will be perfect for your Etsy business needs.

What is Marmalead?

Marmalead pioneered Etsy keyword research and SEO. It helps promote your Etsy business. This program analyzes your Etsy listing and scores it.


I liked Marmalead’s ease of use. Beginner sellers will like its simple layout. Marmalead help you optimize your listings, understand SEO fundamentals, identify the perfect keywords for Etsy store.

Pros of Marmalead

  • Database with a wealth of information
  • Easy-to-understand data
  • Consistent updates
  • Ability to manage many stores
  • Training Sessions Contained Within the Cost
  • In-depth statistical analysis
  • Marmalead Pricing is reasonable

Why do you need to look for Marmalead alternatives?

  • Pricey, at $19 per month, compared to similar offerings.
  • Absolutely no measuring device
  • It will take some practice to make full use of all of its features.

5 Best Marmalead Alternatives

Marmalead is a powerful business tool, but there are some great alternatives that can offer a unique experience. By leveraging one of these alternatives, you may be able to reach more customers or get more out of your existing customer base. We’ll look at the top five best Marmalead alternatives for your Etsy business.

Sale Samurai

Marmalead vs Sale Samurai? Which is better? Let’s see. Over 1,000 online retailers use Sale Samurai. This tool simplifies finding Etsy buyers’ product search phrases.

Sale Samurai
Sale Samurai

Sale Samurai provides Advanced filters identify long-tail keywords, similar keywords, competitiveness, and expected Etsy search traffic. Its Chrome extension lets you arrange data on your Etsy store page.

What makes Sale Samurai a special Marmalead alternative?

  • Priced reasonably at at $9.99/month
  • Find popular keywords.
  • Sales volume, delivery days, pricing, and long-tail keyword ideas.
  • Classified listings
  • Grades of competition
  • Advanced data filtering Learn from Best Sellers tool to boost sales with rival data
  • Automated print-on-demand

Cons of Sale Samurai

  • New to the game, not as much feedback as previous tools.
  • No resources to learn something new
  • Live chat assistance is unavailable.
  • A lack of community


eRank is a Etsy keyword tool helps Etsy store owners to research and improve their rankings. eRank can assist you perform keyword research, listing audit, tag analysis, and competition monitoring in a few clicks.


eRank is a Marmalead free alternative. You can use almost of the features in the free trial. eRank had 1.6 million monthly viewers, whereas marmalead had 200k.

What makes eRank special free alternatives to Marmalead?

  • Keywords List excellent keywords
  • Track customer deliveries: Gold City Ventures focuses on digital retailers, hence irrelevant.
  • Top Sellers: See the top 100 stores across product categories
  • View listing updates
  • Analysis: Limits eRank’s listing processing; Most vendors are satisfied with 100 free listings.
  • Exploration: Keywords improve tags and stimulate new goods;
  • Bulk Keyword Tool: Find 20 keywords
  • Monitor: Track listing performance over time

Cons of Erank

  • Paid packages maximize this tool’s potential
  • Few vendors know how to utilize data
  • Website navigation harder
  • Free bundle limits daily lookups
  • Support by email only

See What Sells

See What Sells is a tool for Amazon sellers and online companies to do keyword and product research. See What Sells delivers popular items, keywords, and trends to assist customers enhance sales and SEO.

See What Sells
See What Sells

What makes See What Sells a special Marmalead alternative?

  • Updated statistics on Amazon’s top goods and keywords
  • Identifies trends and popular items early to help Amazon sellers and online companies remain ahead
  • Improves SEO by giving keyword data and insights
  • Product research: Provides Amazon sales trends and popular items
  • Keyword research: Helps optimize product listings and SEO
  • Trend analysis: Tracks Amazon market trends to assist consumers remain ahead
  • Sales tracking: Tracks sales performance and compares it to rivals

Cons of See What Sells

  • Cost: The service may cost more than comparable tools.
  • Limited to Amazon: The tool is designed for Amazon sellers and may not work for other sellers
  • Accuracy: “See What Sells” may be influenced by market movements, user behavior, and data sources
  • Learning curve: The tool may need a high learning curve

Craft Inspector

Data-driven research is essential to using Craft Inspector. Anyone who wants to succeed with their Etsy store (or Amazon, eBay) must know the following:

  • What clients desire and how much they are ready to pay for delivery charges?
  • Which products are bestsellers?
  • Which Etsy stores are performing well for a certain product type?
  • Which tags are most useful?
Craft Inspector
Craft Inspector

Greater knowledge gives you more understanding. Craft Inspector provides data for insight. Craft Inspector is created for Etsy store owners. Its insights may be used apply to eBay, Amazon, and other e-commerce sites.

Craft Inspector has four primary parts. These are:

  • Keyword Generator
  • Product Search
  • Shop Search
  • Shop Analyzer

What makes Craft Inspector a special Marmalead alternative?

  • Powerful Research Software for Crafters & Ecommerce Sellers to Find Hidden Profitable Niches
  • Create hundreds of specialty keywords in seconds
  • Get Data From 14 Popular Crafting eCommerce Platforms Like Etsy, RedBubble, Spreadshirt, and More
  • Etsy, Redbubble, and Google Trends hot searches are easily accessible
  • Free Google or Story Base Search Volume Data
  • Instantly See Niche Competition
  • Thousands of Niches
  • Hot Niches & Little Competition, quickly find best-selling niches with low competition
  • 14 top craft ecommerce sites provide specialty market statistics
  • PC/Mac, one-time purchase, no monthly costs

Cons of Craft Inspector

  • Limited market: Craft Inspector targets the craft and handmade market
  • Craft Inspector may cost higher than other market research tools
  • Market, user, and data source changes might alter Craft Inspector data accuracy
  • User interface: Some users may struggle with the UI or need time to learn how to use the program


MerchantWords offers MakerWords, a keyword research tool for makers, designers, and creative companies. You can browse the monthly top searched terms on Etsy and Amazon.


Etsy SEO is simple with advanced phrase analysis and ranking. Seeking opportunity? Find fresh demand and the suitable clients. Etsy’s search technology finds the best results for shoppers.

What makes MakerWords a special Marmalead alternative?

  • 100 Million+ Keywords
  • Search Trends
  • Discover monthly Etsy and Amazon searches.Data Scientist
  • Advanced research and rating for every word makes Etsy SEO straightforward.
  • Compare Etsy and Amazon keywords
  • Etsy and Amazon seek to swiftly recommend the best keywords for things that sell in the search bar

Cons of MakerWords

  • Only support English
  • Few user review

Conclusion: Which is the best Marmalead alternatives?

Your Etsy business needs and goals will determine the best Marmalead alternative. With so many options, you can find one that meets your specific needs. Whatever service you choose, a good keyword tool is crucial for marketing and sales.

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