Top 10 Best Ecomhunt Alternatives For Finding Winning Products On Aliexpress

Top 10 Best Ecomhunt Alternatives For Finding Winning Products On Aliexpress
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Ecomhunt has grown in popularity as a tool for discovering successful items to sell on AliExpress, but what if you’re seeking for alternatives? In this blog article, The Dropship will look at the top ten Ecomhunt alternatives to help you find lucrative goods and grow your e-commerce company.

What is Ecomhunt?

Ecomhunt is a software tool designed to help ecommerce entrepreneurs easily find dropshipping products to sell online. It integrates with AliExpress to provide product performance metrics and analysis to identify profitable items trending there.


Key features of Ecomhunt include:

Find Trending products for dropshipping

Ecomhunt scrapes AliExpress daily to surface fast-rising products that are gaining sales momentum. This allows users to spot potential winning items while they are still relatively unknown.

Product Analytics

For any AliExpress product, Ecomhunt provides key data points to evaluate viability and profit potential – including order counts, revenue estimations, seller counts, price analysis, reviews analysis, and more.

Tracking Product Trends

Users can track product performance over time to spot rising trends and seasonal spikes. This helps inform listing optimization and inventory planning.

AliExpress Integration

Ecomhunt seamlessly integrates with AliExpress so users can quickly view product details, suppliers, images, costs, and other information without leaving the platform.

So in summary, Ecomhunt makes finding and analyzing winning AliExpress products much faster and easier. It’s a powerful tool for ecommerce product research dropshipping

Why You Should Consider Ecomhunt Alternatives?

While Ecomhunt is very useful, it’s not without some downsides. Moreover, there are many similar platforms with comparable tools to offer. Reasons you may want to consider Ecomhunt alternatives include:

1. Greater Variety of Product Sourcing Options

Ecomhunt only shows AliExpress products. Expanding to additional platforms gives more variety and better costs.

2. Finding Untapped Opportunities

Focusing on a single channel means missing out on profitable items trending elsewhere first that haven’t hit AliExpress yet.

3. Supplementing Limited Analytics

Additional data from different tools gives a clearer, fuller picture of product viability to make smarter decisions with.

4. Keeping Up to Date with Market Changes

New alternatives are constantly launching with improved features and more capabilities to meet evolving user and industry needs.

So while there are absolutely benefits to Ecomhunt, you’re better equipped exploring with multiple similar platforms simultaneously.

Top 10 Best Ecomhunt Alternatives

Finding winning products on Aliexpress just got easier with these top 10 Ecomhunt alternatives. Take your dropshipping business to the next level with these best product research tools for dropshipping. Now let’s dive into the top software alternatives to Ecomhunt for uncovering winning ecommerce products online:


Pexda is an excellent dropshipping with Aliexpress tool, it also tailored to both Amazon and general ecommerce sales, making it more flexible than Ecomhunt. Useful features include:


Keyword Tracking: Monitor search volume and demand for keywords over time – invaluable for optimizing listings.

Product Database: Search a massive 300+ million product database spanning platforms like eBay, Etsy, Amazon, and more all in one place, find best items to dropship.

Opportunity Finder: Automated recommendations highlight trend spikes in demand, seasonal opportunities, and other indicators of hot items prime for selling.

In summary, if you want expanded ecommerce monitoring beyond just AliExpress, Pexda is a top choice to consider. The larger product database and opportunity notifications help efficiently spot more hidden gems.



Where Ecomhunt focuses exclusively on AliExpress, Alishark provides insights across additional Chinese ecommerce sites like Taobao and 1688. Benefits include:

More Wholesaler Data Points: By covering multiple Chinese platforms, far more supplier options and metrics are available to assess and compare. This results in better costs and supply chain decisions.

Earlier Opportunity Identification: Trends often originate on platforms like Taobao first before spreading to AliExpress. Finding profitable niches earlier provides a time advantage.

Deeper Product Analysis: With more aggregate data from multiple sites instead of just AliExpress, product analysis and tracking reveals more details to catch issues and opportunities.

In short, to source more cleverly from Chinese suppliers and spot product niches earlier in their lifecycle, Alishark drives better results than Ecomhunt alone.

Sell The Trend

Sell The Trend
Sell The Trend

Sell The Trend focuses specifically on notification tools to flag fast rising opportunities, making it perfect for effortlessly spotting trends 24/7. Notifications available include:

Platform Sales Spikes: Get alerts on unexpected boosts in sales volumes on sites like Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and more.

Trend Prediction AI: Leverage machine learning algorithms to predict product niches estimated to suddenly gain popularity – and get ahead of rising opportunities.

Influencer Trends Tracking: Monitor internet personalities and micro influencers to quickly notice their promoted items – typically a highly converting opportunity.

Ultimately, if automated trend alerts tailored to ecommerce is a priority, Sell The Trend delivers this singular benefit better than a broader tool like Ecomhunt.



Spocket focuses specifically on dropshipping, earning it a mention among the top Ecomhunt alternatives for that business model. Beneficial features include:

Dropshipping Suppliers Directory: Browse pre-vetted suppliers specializing in order fulfillment. This removes the hassle of manually finding and evaluating your own agents.

Warehousing Integration: For suppliers that don’t handle shipping, Spocket can facilitate automated order routing to its fulfillment partner warehouses for prep and delivery.

Shopify Integration: Add products from Spocket’s database to your Shopify store instantly. Inventory updates and order routing are handled automatically.

For anyone pursuing a streamlined dropshipping workflow, Spocket saves huge headaches around supplier and operations coordination – providing ripe opportunities Ecomhunt misses.

Dropship Spy

Dropship Spy
Dropship Spy

Another dropshipping centered alternative is Dropship Spy, which focuses heavily on automation to drive results. Helpful tools include:

Auto Order Monitoring: Algorithmic tracking automatically monitors supplier order activity to reveal items gaining substantial momentum for fast benchmarking.

Supplier Lead Generation: Get introduced to new suppliers actively seeking business based on your store details and product interests for easy relationship initiation.

Competitor Tracking: Spy on Shopify competitor stores to uncover their winning products, campaigns, trends, and creatives for reverse engineering.

In general, Dropship Spy simplifies the product research facets of managing a dropshipping business through extensive automation. If hands-off efficiency is appealing, it outperforms Ecomhunt in finding trending dropshipping products.



AliInsider is another alternative targeted squarely on AliExpress, but manages to provide more product details and tools than Ecomhunt such as:

Product Revision Tracking: Monitor changes a supplier makes to a listing over time – such as raising prices or altering product info and imagery – to catch issues.

Localized Site Metrics: In addition to AliExpress(.com) data, access performance metrics specific to platform instances in languages like Spanish, French, Russian, etc.

Daily Product Updates: An entire database of AliExpress products refreshed daily provides more up-to-date supplier details and metrics than Ecomhunt’s API updates.

In short, AliInsider gives users a more intimate inspection and understanding of AliExpress products and sellers. For deeper AliExpress product research, it surpasses Ecomhunt.



FindNiche is a versatile alternative with broad ecommerce product tracking perfect for opportunity spotting, including:

eBay Pulse

Get visibility into eBay listing view counts, watchers, sales, and historical performance – perfect for capitalizing on rising listings.

Google Trends

Easily monitor keyword and search trends on Google along with related interests and topics to quickly gauge product demand.

Amazon Tracker

Scan Amazon history and reviews along with sales estimator traffic lights to benchmark potential – green lights indicating huge opportunity.

In essence, if you want holistic ecommerce tracking spanning multiple channels, FindNiche provides a comprehensive suite of product tracking tools.



BigSpy bills itself as an “all-in-one ecommerce spy tool” and delivers on that promise with breadth across many shopping platforms. Useful additions beyond Ecomhunt include:

Instagram Monitoring

Get alerts when select Instagram accounts mention or promote specific products. This provides fast visibility when influencers release hot picks.

Facebook Ad Spying

Analyze Facebook ads from competitor brands running at scale to quickly see high performing offers prime for testing.

Open Listing Tracker

Monitor sudden increases in seller counts across Amazon, eBay, Walmart and more to spot trending products with growing competition.

If you want to incorporate more ad platform metrics and trend signals into product opportunity evaluation, BigSpy nicely complements Ecomhunt’s focus strictly on AliExpress and analytics tied to its database.



Thieve provides a unique emphasis on visual artificial intelligence to enhance product evaluation, including features like:

Lookalike Discovery

Its AI algorithms automatically surface product results visually similar to an image you provide to easily explore related winning items.

Label & Category Detection

Thieve -best dropshipping platform, assigns detailed tags and classifications to catalog images, helping match products to relevant buyer interests for greater appeal.

Aesthetics Evaluation

Assess visual factors like color schemes, lighting, packaging, arrangement , and more that influence perceived quality and appeal.

In summary, if improving visual aspects around perceived product value are a priority, features exclusive to Thieve in this realm make it a beneficial pair with Ecomhunt.



SaleSource adopts an extremely data-focused approach to sourcing and tracking opportunities spanning marketplaces like eBay, Walmart, Newegg, Sears, Rakuten, and more. Useful analytics include:

90-Day Sales Views

Compare sales velocities day-over-day for the last 90 days to spot new inflection points and opportunities suddenly accelerating now.

Inventory Level Tracking

Monitor item availability at both supplier and reseller levels to anticipate impending shortages signaling breakout demand.

Historical Rate Charts

Graphical snapshots of long-term daily, monthly, and yearly sales histories quick inform seasonal inventory needs and reveal recurring annual demand spikes.

In summary, SaleSource provides more expansive product histories and analytical visualizations – perfect for extrapolating future projections and planning inventory needs Ecomhunt neglects.


Ecomhunt is a popular choice for locating winning Aliexpress items, but there are other Ecomhunt Alternatives with comparable features and advantages. These solutions provide ecommerce businesses a variety of products, thorough analytics, and dependable data to assist them decide. These Ecomhunt alternatives will improve your product sourcing and ecommerce business, whether you’re seeking for new ideas or attempting to remain ahead of the competition. So, use many Ecomhunt platforms to identify successful items and optimize your company potential.

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