Top 10 Best AliShark Alternatives For Product Sourcing

Top 10 Best AliShark Alternatives For Product Sourcing
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If you are an e-commerce entrepreneur looking for reliable alternatives to AliShark for product sourcing, this blog post is for you! In this article, The Dropship will introduce you to the top 10 best AliShark alternatives that can help you find profitable products to sell online.

What is AliShark?

AliShark is a software platform designed specifically for dropshipping product research. It enables users to spy on winning products from sites like AliExpress and Amazon to source goods to sell online.


Key features of AliShark include:

Finds Top Selling Items

AliShark analyzes order counts, total sales data, and more metrics to spotlight the hottest selling items perfect for dropshipping. This takes the guesswork out of picking products.

Assesses Profit Potential

The software provides expected profit calculations for items based on factors like supplier prices, shipping costs, Amazon fees, etc. So you can instantly see what would make money.

Tracks Product Trends

Utilizing graphs and visual data, AliShark makes it easy to identify rising or declining product trends. This helps pivot to what’s hot.

optimizes Keyword Research

AliShark comes loaded with smart keyword tools to optimize SEO and product discovery during research. This further maximizes sales potential.

While very useful, AliShark does have some limitations that lead sellers to seek alternatives. This includes its high monthly cost, interface complexity for beginners, and relative lack of sales intelligence sources.

Why You Should Consider AliShark Alternatives

For the reasons above, many ecommerce entrepreneurs consider using an AliShark alternative platform for product sourcing. Benefits include:

1. Lower Price Points

Many competitors offer similar core capabilities as AliShark but at cheaper monthly or yearly pricing. This stretches budgets further for frugal merchants.

2. Simpler Interfaces

Some alternatives simplify the product research process for those overwhelmed by AliShark’s steep learning curve and dense data displays. Cleaner dashboards improve usability.

3. More Sales Data

While AliShark focuses solely on AliExpress, some competitors compile product intelligence from wider range of channels – Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart, etc. More data equals better decisions.

4. Deeper Analytics

Advanced platforms can provide more fine-tuned statistical modeling and predictive analytics based on historical performance and trends. This takes risk out of choosing items.

Basically, many sellers graduate from AliShark to platforms with more sales intelligence data sources, transparent interfaces, affordable monthly plans, and predictive modeling capabilities.

The top 10 leading AliShark alternatives are highlighted below, help you find winning dropshipping products easily.

Top 10 Best AliShark Alternatives

AliShark is one of the best dropshipping apps used by ecommerce sellers and online businesses to find lucrative product opportunities and analyze profit potential. It provides valuable data like best-selling items, total order amounts, review counts, and more to identify profitable niches and products.

However, there are many AliShark alternatives available that offer similar or even more extensive capabilities for product research and opportunity finding. Here are the top 10 AliShark alternatives to consider for sourcing hot products.


AliInsider is a fast-growing AliShark alternative gaining attention for its simplicity yet powerful capabilities identifying profitable products.


Key features include:

Clean Easy-to-Use Dashboard

AliInsider simplifies product spying via an elegant interface even brand new sellers can navigate with just a few clicks. Multiple metrics are displayed in a streamlined dashboard.

Profit Dashboard

See at a glance how much margin you can expect from any given product based on its acquisition costs and other fees. Takes the uncertainty out of decision making.

Accurate Performance Data

AliInsider draws product intelligence from an extensive range of online marketplaces – not just AliExpress. More data sources results in more accurate statistics.

Inventory Monitoring

Get alerts when a supplier’s inventory changes on a tracked product so you can avoid going out of stock or missing sales spikes. Very handy capability.

For an easier yet still robust AliExpress product research tool, AliInsider is a top choice with its simple design yet actionable data.


FindNiche bills itself as an Amazon-centric web analytics tool for identifying winning dropshippable goods. But it has applicability beyond just Amazon.


Key strengths include:

Online product sourcing – Huge Product Database

FindNiche compiled an enormous 150+ million product database encompassing leading ecommerce sites. So it serves up far more suggestions than AliShark alone.

Top Website Integration

While focused on Amazon, FindNiche also pulls product data from overlapped marketplaces like and Get the full picture.

Automatic Product Matching

The platform automatically matches corresponding listings between channels so you instantly see how items rank across each site. Saves tons of manual searching.

Accurate Opportunity Scores

FindNiche’s proprietary Opportunity Score rates products based on their tangible sales metrics and profit outlook. So you can skip speculative bets.

In summary, FindNiche opens eyes to product possibilities across wider range of platforms like Amazon, Walmart and more. And quantifies potential with its Opportunity Scores.

Dropship Spy

As the name implies, Dropship Spy is all about identifying proven dropship-friendly products already selling successfully. Dropship spy is a worth aliexpress dropshipping products.

Dropship Spy
Dropship Spy

Its notable features include:

Low Risk Products

Dropship Spy surfaces products already selling well through dropshipping arrangements, not just retail. So its suggestions are pre-validated to sell.

Sales Prediction Tool

The platform forecasts future sales trajectories of products based on historical graphs and trends. So you can invest confidently.

Web App and Chrome Extension

Dropship Spy comes as both a full-fledged web app and handy Chrome browser extension. Quickly vet ideas anywhere online.

Curated Product Ideas: find dropshipping products easy

Too busy to research? Dropship Spy emails curated product recommendations meeting your criteria each week so you skip the search.

For low friction dropshipping, Dropship Spy eliminates much second-guessing through its sales prediction capacities and vendor-validated products.

Niche Scraper

As the name hints, Niche Scraper helps uncover product niches and categories surging in popularity but with low competition. Perfect for new private label launches.

Niche Scraper
Niche Scraper

It shines for:

Niche Sales Estimates

Niche Scraper provides 30-day sales estimates for entire categories, not just individual products. So you can assess the revenue potential of still-untapped niches.

Rapid Keyword Research

Find the highest performing keywords for niche product categories through Niche Scraper’s integrated keyword data. Critical for SEO and marketing.

Curated Niche Ideas

Prefer not to run your own searches? Niche Scraper emails weekly recommendations of up and coming niches that meet your criteria.

Faster Data Processing

Niche Scraper uses advanced statistical modeling to rapidly process niche performance data down to actionable metrics. Other tools can take days to display the same insights.

If exploring fresh niches and categories interests you more than established products, give Niche Scraper’s niche intelligence a look.

Sell The Trend

Sell The Trend
Sell The Trend

Sell The Trend stands out for its huge proprietary database of pre-selling products ripe for private labeling rather than just retail arbitrage. Making it best dropshipping product research tool.

Useful features include:

100 Million Product Database

Filtered from over 1 billion product listings, Sell The Trend contains 100+ million goods analyzed down to their profit attributes – far more than most platforms.

Pre-Selling Opportunities

It pinpoints not just one-off products but emerging niches garnering growing sales across platforms. Perfect for launching your own label before trends fade.

Accurate Sales Estimates

Sell The Trend captures precise weekly and monthly sales volumes for products rather than just order counts. Critical data for forecasting revenues.

Custom Opportunity Alerts

Get custom email notifications whenever new products match your defined profit, performance and category criteria. No more manually digging through data.

For next-level private label product research, Sell The Trend delivers high quality sales intelligence to capitalize on trends ahead of the pack.


Ecomhunt makes tracking down profitable ecommerce niches and products a breeze with its huge integrated database spanning over 150 sales channels globally.


Useful perks:

Central Dashboard

See profit potential metrics, top items, trends and more in one view across connected platforms like Amazon, eBay and AliExpress. Speeds up research exponentially.

Automatic Product Matching

Ecomhunt automatically connects corresponding product listings between integrated sites so you see cross-platform data instantaneously. A major advantage.

Curated Selections

Get personalized product and niche selections delivered weekly matching your profit preferences and business model. Skip the manual search process.

Advanced Analytics

Ecomhunt crunches product and niche data in real-time to serve up projected sales, 30-60-90 day forecasts, search volume predictions and other predictive analytics most tools lack. Provides clearer visibility into the future.

For next-level product research leveraging advanced statistical modeling across mega marketplaces, Ecomhunt packs robust capabilities.


Pexda pitches itself as the leading product discovery tools and analytics platform for ecommerce sellers powered by its enormous 120 million product database.


Useful features:

Huge Integrated Database

Pexda’s 120 million products encompasses 25+ integrated sales channels globally including all the major ones — allowing for complete profitability analysis in one place.

Automatic Product Matching

The platform instantly matches and displays data for identical products listed across its 25 integrated channels. No more struggling to manually connect siloed listings.

Curated Product Ideas

Pexda sends personalized product recommendations matching your preferences each week so you skip much of the digging. Just focus on what aligns with your strategy.

Advanced Analytics

Pexda calculates complex projections like 90-day sales forecasts, search volume predictions, seasonality indexing and more based on deep statistical modeling. See clearer into future opportunities.

For easy access to a mountain of product data all in one spot with predictive analytics fueling decisions, Pexda is a robust choice.


BigSpy touts its all-in-one ecommerce spying and analytics to track down profitable niches, brands and products powered by 160+ million goods.


Notable aspects:

Enormous Product Database

BigSpy taps into an enormous 160 million product database eclipsing almost every competitor. More data expands your product possibilities exponentially.

Top Brand Analytics

Get visibility into the top brands crushing it across platforms like Amazon and Shopify so you can gauge consumer preferences and align accordingly. Most tools overlook this.

Curated Alerts

BigSpy sends weekly email digests of curated product and niche selections tailored to your profit goals so you skip the manual searching and monitoring.

Track Keyword Ranks

Monitor keyword ranks for listings across channels through BigSpy to optimize SEO and maximize findability + sales. Rare capability few platforms offer.

For next-level product research leveraging massive databases, granular sales metrics, and curated alerts, BigSpy checks all the boxes.


Sellics positions itself as the leading all-in-one platform for ecommerce product research, keyword optimization, Amazon management, and more.


Highlights include:

Unified Platform

Sellics consolidates product research, SEO optimization, Amazon seller management, and inventory tracking across channels like eBay and Shopify under one roof. Displays insights in a unified dashboard.

Advanced Opportunity Finder

Sellics Opportunity Finder serves up product suggestions likely to sell profitably while accounting for listing quality, seasonal peaks, inventory depth and more factors other tools ignore. Results in better ideas and fewer duds.

Automated Listing Builder

Quickly spin up SEO-optimized listings for platforms like Amazon leveraging Sellics automated listing builder without starting from scratch. Huge time saver.

Enterprise Capabilities

Sellics scales to support high volume enterprise sellers moving serious product inventory with capabilities like mass price adjustments and bulk order management other platforms lack. Future proof growth.

As an end-to-end ecommerce platform, Sellics allows deep product research while handling downstream selling processes – centralizing more core functions sellers need.


Lastly, Thieve bills itself as the only web and market analytics tool explicitly focused on uncovering untapped micro niches before competition arrives.


Key strengths:

Hyper Focused Niche Data

Thieve zone in on long-tail niche opportunities completely overlooked by mass market tools through proprietary data sources and predictive modeling. Reveals mostly uncatered pockets primed for domination.

Micro Influencer Discovery

See top performers specifically within niche spaces based on engagement and conversation rates. Partnering with micro influencers is key to quickly spreading brand awareness in untapped niches.

Early Adoption Alerts

Get automated alerts when nascent niches or related products begin gaining initial traction so you can swoop in and lead the charge before mass awareness builds. Critical for dominating micro niches early.

Curated Niche Prospects

Prefer not to run your own analyses? Thieve emails weekly curated niche opportunity prospects meeting your defined size, growth and competition criteria.

For capitalizing on fledgling niches before the herd piles in, Thieve arms sellers with vital intelligence to separate from the pack.


Finally, if you’re seeking for dependable AliShark alternatives for your product sourcing requirements, you now have a thorough list to pick from. Each of these AliShark alternatives has its own set of features and perks, enabling you to choose the best match for your company. Whether you want a less expensive choice or more complex capabilities, these options have you covered.

Don’t restrict yourself to just one platform; investigate and try out several AliShark alternatives to discover the perfect one for your individual needs. With these options at your disposal, you may improve your product sourcing skills and propel your company to new heights.

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