Top 5 Best Keyword Revealer Alternatives To Optimize Your Keyword Strategy

Top 5 Best Keyword Revealer Alternatives To Optimize Your Keyword Strategy
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Keyword research is a crucial part of SEO, but using the same old tools can leave you with the same old results. That’s why we’ve rounded up the top 5 best Keyword Revealer alternatives to help you uncover the best keywords for your content.

What is Keyword Revealer?

Keyword Revealer is a keyword search tool. It finds keywords from a seed phrase. Trends, difficulty ratings, SERP averages, and more may help you evaluate each keyword. It may also generate long-tail keyword suggestions and check Google keyword rankings.

Keyword Revealer
Keyword Revealer

Keyword research tools find low-competition keywords. This may save time and effort on keyword optimization. They show search traffic, SERPs, keyword difficulty, and other data.

Pros of Keyword Revealer

  • Good keyword data: Keyword evaluations reveal a lot. Social media and search engines provide data (average SEO metrics from SERPs, difficulty scores). This shows all the keyword-ranking pages. Use keywords based on the information supplied.
  • Easy-to-use interface: Keyword Revealer centralizes keyword research, unlike other alternatives. One page displays all keyword phrases. Your parameters may filter results. Examine your website’s keywords to narrow your search.
  • Site and backlink analysis
  • Filter keywords.
  • Brainstorm keywords.
  • Save keywords and projects
  • Rank tracker shows keyword performance.
  • Bulk keyword difficulty evaluation
  • Predefined keyword difficulty

Why you should consider Keyword Revealer alternatives?

Despite the many advantages of Keyword Revealer, there are some reasons why users might consider alternative options:

  • Limited free plan: Keyword Revealer’s free plan offers limited access to its features, which may not be sufficient for users with more extensive keyword research needs.
  • Pricing: While Keyword Revealer’s paid plans provide additional features, users on a tight budget may find more affordable options with similar capabilities.
  • Advanced features: Some alternatives offer more advanced features that cater to users with specific requirements or preferences.
  • Keyword Research sometimes fails. Just blank. Hence, you must search again to get results.
  • Keyword research takes too long.

Top 5 Best Keyword Revealer Alternatives

Keyword research is crucial to any successful SEO strategy. But sometimes the popular tools like Keyword Revealer may not be accessible or just not the right fit for your needs. Here are the top 5 best keyword research tool to elevate your keyword strategy

Keyword Search

Keyword Search is a set of AI tools that helps you find high-ranking keywords, videos, channels, and ads on YouTube. AI can find laser-targeted YouTube search phrases to boost your channel.

Keyword Search
Keyword Search

Keyword Search scrapes YouTube for keywords, video positions, and other data to improve your YouTube strategy. Enter a desired term to obtain a list of similar keywords and additional information. Hence, you may determine keyword popularity, identify trends, and find platform-boosting keyword chances.

Main features of Keyword Search

  • KeywordSearch: AI-Powered YouTube Keyword Research
  • Channel Search: Competitive YouTube Channel Analysis
  • Similar Keywords: Discover Similar Keywords through Machine Learning
  • Collections: Smart & Flexible Collections
  • Video Search: YouTube Video Placement for your Ads
  • Audience Targeting: Discover Audience Targeting Opportunities for YouTube Ads
  • Discover video placements for YouTube ads
  • See the full list of keywords being targeted by competitors
  • View all the highest-ranking YouTube ads for specific keywords

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool generates 750 long-tail keywords for each search. It’s reliable due to its high uptime. Your target demographic searches Google billions of times daily.

Don’t you want people to visit your front door? It requires good SEO and keyword research. Content and websites should never be based on random search phrases.

Keyword Tool
Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool interacts with Google, YouTube, Amazon, and many more. That implies it can help you build search engine authority on several platforms. This tool boosts SEO whether you sell books on Amazon or services on WordPress.

Main features of Keyword Tool

  • Best free keyword research tool
  • Search Volume Data
  • Cost-Per-Click Data
  • Google Ads Competition Data
  • 2 Times More Keywords
  • Competitor Keyword Analysis
  • Buk Search Volume Analysis
  • API Requests/day

KW Finder

KWFinder is best keyword tool from Mangools. It finds high-volume, low-competition keywords in seconds. KWFinder can help you uncover lucrative long-tail keywords. Like Keyword Revealer, KWFinder prioritizes usability and keyword data. On similar plans, it costs somewhat more than Keyword Revealer.

KW Finder
KW Finder

KWFinder‘s package status is the key reason. It’s included with a Mangools membership, together with SERPWatcher and LinkMiner. But keep in mind that the number of keyword suggestions is limited. This depends on your plan.

Main features of KW Finder

  • Competitor keyword research
  • Find high search volume and low competition keywords
  • Multiple Research Options
  • Performing Keyword Research
  • Saving Keywords Using Lists
  • Import Keywords
  • History Page
  • LinkMiner to analyze backlinks
  • SERPChecker: a rank tracking tool
  • SERPWatcher to analyze localized SERP results
  • SiteProfiler to analyze competitors’ traffic


Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tools that helps online businesses rank on Google, YouTube, and Amazon. It’s mostly for Google SEO. Ubersuggest is a simple and efficient tool for blog traffic growth.


Ubersuggest first scraped Google Suggest phrases for SEO. Neil Patel bought it and added features to make it an easy-to-use SEO tool. It has several characteristics grouped into four categories.

Main features of Ubersuggest

  • Keyword research tool—find goldmines of keywords to outrank your competition
  • Best keyword analysis tool for content ideas
  • Keyword ideas
  • Competition analysis tool reveals your competitors’ top keywords and backlinks
  • Site audit – find technical issues
  • Rank tracking tool for top keywords


Marmalead is a complete Etsy SEO solution. It offers keyword research, tags, and listing optimization advice to improve your Etsy store.


Marmalead produces more than random keywords for your listings. It analyzes Etsy’s search algorithm and suggests keywords for your items.

Main features of Marmalead

  • Keyword Research: search for the most popular keywords in your niche
  • Tag Suggestions: provides you with relevant tags to use for your listings
  • Listing Optimization: analyzes your listing and suggests improvements to the title, description, tags, and photos.
  • Etsy Rank Tracker: monitor the performance of your listings over time
  • Competitor Analysis: analyze your competitors’ listings and identify areas where you can improve

Conclusion: Which is the best Keyword Revealer alternatives?

In conclusion, optimizing your keyword strategy is a crucial step in growing your online presence. While Keyword Revealer is a fantastic tool, there are plenty of alternatives out there to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a more affordable option or specific features, there’s something for everyone. So why wait? Start discovering new, untapped potential for your website today with one of these top 5 Keyword Revealer alternatives!

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