How To Do Amazon Product Research: The Key To Selling Success

How To Do Amazon Product Research: The Key To Selling Success
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Looking to maximize your success on Amazon? Discover the secrets to successful selling with this comprehensive guide on how to do Amazon product research. Boost your sales and stand out from the competition

What Is Amazon Product Research?

Want to start selling on Amazon but don’t know where to start? The key to success lies in effective product research.

So, what exactly is Amazon product research? It’s the art of finding those golden nuggets among the millions of products available on Amazon. It’s like being a treasure hunter in the digital age. You want to discover products that not only sell but also bring in the profits. It’s your roadmap to Amazon success.

Effective Amazon product research involves market analysis and selecting lucrative year-round items. Some call ‘winning products’ those that score a home run within weeks after introduction and perform well for years.

What Is Amazon Product Research?
What Is Amazon Product Research?

The goal is to identify affordable things that you can sell for at least 3x your cost of goods sold, ideally 5 to 7x. PPC and influencer hiring margins increase with landing cost multiple. You should look for ‘winners’ who can get reviews naturally and have a low return rate.

What Does Product Research Do and Why Is It Important?

Let’s face it, my friend, Amazon is like a massive ocean, and without a compass, you’re bound to get lost. That’s where product research comes in. It helps you understand what products are in demand, who your competitors are, and how you can outshine them. It’s the secret sauce that successful Amazon sellers swear by. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to do Amazon product research and uncover the most profitable products to sell.

Key Elements of a Successful Amazon Product

What makes a successful Amazon product? Simply put:

  • Strong, steady demand. Use Google trends for core and secondary keywords. Avoid fidget spinners and other ‘trendy’ gadgets that may fall next season.
  • Low market rivalry. Avoid products with a lot of competition, especially from China, in the first few pages. Avoid revenue FOMO and choose another lucrative product.
  • Over $25. Non-FBA purchasers may get free delivery on $25 or more, which may be more appealing than goods + shipping listings. The greater price allows for PPC and influencer spending.
  • A chance to improve. Check what your competitors overlooked. Can you improve quality? Add bonuses? Size and weight change?
  • Few seasonal fluctuations. Products that sell year-round are ideal if FBA is your main source of revenue. Additionally, aggregators want sustainable firms.
  • No trademark/parent/branding issues. Copyright infractions are a fast way to be banned from Amazon. No one else may be selling that goods because they can’t. Avoid Disney, Velcro, and Bluetooth, which are trademarked.

When starting off, tiny, lightweight, and indestructible items are preferable (but not essential). I suggest starting easy and utilizing these goods to transition to more advanced ones if needed.

How to do Product Research For Amazon?

How to do product research on amazon? Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how you can become a pro at Amazon product research. There are two main ways to go about it:

Do the Research Manually

How to do amazon product research for free? The first method is to seek for products to sell on Amazon by hand. To generate ideas, you will look for items on Amazon and other eCommerce marketplaces and websites.

The Amazon best sellers list is an excellent place to start. Amazon maintains a current list of the top-selling goods in each category, which you may use to quickly identify the most popular things.

Amazon Best Sellers
Amazon Best Sellers

To begin, go to Amazon’s Best Sellers page. The best-selling goods in each category may be found here. Do not limit your search to the top category. To get unique product ideas, go deep into subcategories.

You may also look at the tabs New Releases, Movers & Shakers, Most Wanted, and Gift Ideas. These items will be in great demand, but will face less competition than the best-selling items.

Assume you click on the “New Releases” tab and choose “Sports & Outdoors.” This is a much too wide subcategory for identifying product ideas. However, you may go deep into subcategories to discover new product ideas.

Use Amazon Product Research Tools

Manual research, on the other hand, is a massive waste of time. The manual method also does not provide you with any information on possible product earnings.

The following method for doing Amazon product research is to utilize tools to assist you expedite the process. You may use an Amazon research tool to check past sales data from current Amazon product listings to get a good indication of how much demand there is for a certain product and how fierce the competition is. We’ll go through how to use this strategy in greater detail later.

Helium 10

When it comes to researching products on Amazon, Helium 10 changes everything. This powerful tool is like having a Swiss Army knife in your pocket, ready to help you find the most profitable things to sell on Amazon.

Helium 10
Helium 10

Here’s how Helium 10 can make your product study much more effective:

  • Keyword Research: Helium 10 has a wide range of tools to help with keyword research. You can find terms that rank well and are important to your niche. These terms are important for boosting your product descriptions and getting more people to see them on Amazon.
  • Competitor analysis is a way to find out what your rivals are doing. Helium 10 lets you spy on your competitors in a legal and honest way. You can keep track of their sales, see how they set their prices, and even find out which keywords bring people to their ads.
  • Helium 10’s product research tools help you locate undiscovered gems in high demand but low competition. Product filters include sales rank, revenue, and more. Like a treasure map to Amazon’s most lucrative goods.
  • Product listing optimization is essential for enticing consumers. Helium 10 optimises product names, descriptions, and bullet points for conversion.
  • Helium 10 makes inventory management easy. Track stock levels and create alerts for low inventory to prevent running out of your best-selling goods.
  • Amazon may owe you for damaged or lost products. Helium 10’s Refund Genie identifies these cases and gets you refunds.
  • Analysis of market trends helps you stay ahead. Helium 10 shows which goods are hot and which aren’t. This knowledge is crucial for decision-making.
  • Profit Calculator: Easy profit and cost calculation. Helium 10’s profit calculator lets you calculate margins and price to optimize profits.
  • Review Monitoring: Product reviews are crucial to a good reputation. Helium 10 manages reviews well.
  • Get Amazon business notifications in real time. Helium 10 informs you of listing hijacking and ranking adjustments.

Sell The Trend

Sell The Trend is an invaluable Amazon product research tool. It’s like having a crystal ball to forecast Amazon bestsellers.

Sell The Trend
Sell The Trend

Here’s how Sell The Trend can speed up your product research:

  • Product Discovery: Sell Product discovery on Trend helps you locate winning goods. It curates hot and lucrative items using real-time data. Many hours of laborious research are saved.
  • Amazon listings thrive on keywords. Sell The Trend’s keyword research tool finds niche-relevant, high-ranking keywords. This lets Amazon buyers find your items easier.
  • Sell The Trend delivers niche research and product ideas for niche entrants. This lets you investigate growth niches.
  • Sell The Trend’s product tracker lets you track product performance over time. This lets you use data to decide whether to keep selling a product or try something new.


How to research products to sell on amazon? For Amazon product research, Zonguru is your best friend. To locate the most lucrative Amazon items, this powerful tool has several characteristics.


Learn how ZonGuru can improve your product research:

  • ZonGuru’s product database is rich with information. You may sort Amazon’s wide product selection by sales rank, revenue, and more. Like a map to Amazon’s hidden jewels.
  • Product Tracker: Track certain products? The ZonGuru product tracker tracks product performance over time. Price adjustments, reviews, and sales patterns might impact your judgments.
  • NicheFinder: Niche selection is key. ZonGuru finds high-demand, low-competition niches. It’s a great product research start.
  • Amazon Keyword Research: Amazon discoverability depends on keywords. A sophisticated keyword research tool from ZonGuru helps you uncover relevant and high-ranking keywords for your items.
  • Understanding your opponent is key to outperforming them. ZonGuru shows rivals’ price, reviews, and keywords. You can follow their sales too.
  • Product Listing Optimization: ZonGuru optimises product listings for visibility and conversion. Based on top-performing listings, it suggests title, bullet point, and description improvements.
  • Email Automator: Amazon needs customer input. ZonGuru’s email automator lets you automate email campaigns to collect customer reviews and develop a great reputation.
  • Profit Calculator: Curious about profits and expenses? ZonGuru’s profit calculator calculates prices to optimize profits.
  • Chrome addon: ZonGuru’s Chrome addon gives real-time statistics when exploring Amazon. Product and niche evaluation is easy on Amazon.
  • Educational Resources: ZonGuru provides seminars and tutorials to assist Amazon sellers of all levels master product research and selling.

AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout is a strong tool that can significantly enhance your Amazon product research efforts. It has a number of features and functions that may help you identify lucrative goods to sell on the Amazon marketplace. This tool is basically a significant asset for anybody trying to flourish at Amazon selling.

AMZ Scout
AMZ Scout

AMZ Scout can help you locate successful Amazon products:

  • Product Database: AMZ Scout offers a huge Amazon product database. Filter and sort goods by sales rank, revenue, and more. This database is a treasure for product ideas.
  • Product Tracker: Want to monitor certain products? AMZ Scout’s product tracker tracks product performance. Pricing, ratings, and sales trends are tracked to help you make data-driven choices.
  • Niche Analyzer: Amazon success requires niche selection. You may concentrate your study on prospective niches with strong demand and minimal competition with AMZ Scout’s niche analyzer.
  • Keyword Research: Keywords underpin Amazon SEO. A powerful keyword research tool in AMZ Scout helps you find high-traffic keywords for your product listings. This boosts product visibility to prospective buyers.
  • Competitor Analysis: Understand your competitors to acquire a competitive advantage. AMZ Scout shows rivals’ price, reviews, and keywords. You can monitor their sales success over time.
  • Product listing optimization is essential for conversions. AMZ Scout suggests optimising product names, bullet points, and descriptions to match top rankings.
  • Sales Estimator: Curious about product sales? AMZ Scout’s sales estimator tool predicts monthly sales volume to assist you decide whether to sell a product.
  • Profit Calculator: Profitable pricing requires educated judgments. AMZ Scout’s profit calculator lets you analyze profits and expenditures to establish competitive pricing and optimize profits.
  • Product Sourcing: AMZ Scout helps discover suppliers and calculate prices for product procurement. This helps if you’re private labeling or extending your product selection.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, mastering the skill of How To Do Amazon Product Research is essential for anyone looking to achieve selling success on the platform. By following the steps outlined in this article, you now have the tools and knowledge to effectively research and identify profitable products to sell on Amazon. Remember to thoroughly analyze market trends, competition, and customer demand in order to make informed decisions and maximize your chances of success. With the right approach and continuous refinement of your research strategies, you can position yourself for profitable growth and achieve your selling goals on Amazon.

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