Top 5 Best eBay Product Research Tools To Boost Your Profits

Top 5 Best eBay Product Research Tools To Boost Your Profits
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Are you an eBay seller trying to increase your earnings? One of the key factors to success on eBay is finding the right products to sell. In this blog post, The Dropship will look at the top 5 best eBay product research tools for finding profitable products and increasing sales.

What Is An Ebay Product Research Tool?

An eBay product research tool helps sellers quickly find popular items and profitable product categories in eBay marketplace. These technologies assist sellers identify profitable products by revealing eBay visitors’ interests and wants. However, many of these tools have more features than this.

Common eBay tools features:

  • Shipping Cost Evaluation: Pricing and profit calculation require shipping cost knowledge. Shipping cost estimation in eBay product research tools helps sellers set competitive but profitable prices.
  • SEO Keyword Recommendations: eBay listings depend on SEO. These tools recommend keywords to boost listing visibility and product traffic.
  • Competition Monitoring: Staying relevant requires monitoring competitors. eBay product research tools help track competitors’ listings, pricing, and performance.
  • Listing Benchmarking: Tools can assist merchants optimize their listings by comparing them to similar products.
  • Price Comparison: Price selection is crucial. These tools let sellers compare prices across the market for competitive, profitable pricing.
  • Profit estimation is essential. Costs, fees, and price can be used to estimate earnings with eBay product research tools.
  • eCommerce is constantly changing, thus real-time analytics and updates are needed. Real-time analytics and updates from many tools let sellers make trend-based decisions.

Top 5 Best eBay Product Research Tools

If you’re an eBay seller, you know that finding the right products to sell is key to boosting your profits. But with millions of listings on eBay, how do you find the best products that will make you money?

Luckily, there are several eBay tools for sellers available that can help you find best selling products on ebay with ease. In this blog post, we will cover the top 5 best eBay product research tools that will save you time, help you uncover hidden gem products, and ultimately boost your profits on eBay.


Terapeak, an exclusive eBay product research tool, was bought by eBay in early 2018 and added to the Seller Hub. Enter a keyword or product to get product ideas and relevant data like average selling price, total sellers, total sold, date last sold, total sales in dollars, average shipping rate, and more.


You may easily filter results by category, product condition, listing type, and more. You can also filter by stock to find low-stock goods.

Additionally, Terapeak lets you look for the top listings for any item to determine what’s working. See what images and descriptions top sellers are using to gain keyword ideas. There will be detailed graphs and charts to track a product’s performance and history.

Key features of Terapeak

  • Search by keyword or product and filter to obtain results.
  • Learn about popular categories and items, effective shopping tactics, and places for improvement.
  • View simple statistics, graphs, and charts.
  • Category selector
  • Analyze relevant active listings
  • Data visualization for market share
  • Multi-User Account Access
  • Price and quantity data visualization for items sold

Zik Analytics

ZIK Analytics has many eBay research tools. It has an eBay, AliExpress, supplier database, and more product research tools.

With ZIK Analytics, you can see the current market for any product. It displays listings, sold products, dollar sales revenue, average product price, and historical graphs.

Zik Analytics
Zik Analytics

The percentage of successful listings is intriguing. This score estimates your success.

Find the best-selling items in any niche, together with trends and product statistics. Additionally, you can examine the top-ranking listings’ keywords, descriptions, photos, prices, and other strategies.

Your competitors, their traits, and their achievements can be easily identified with the Competitor Research Tool. Sell-through rates, active listings, sales revenues, average pricing, sold products, successful listing percentage, and more are available for the market and each product listing.

Key features of Zik Analytics

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Multi-Channel Distribution
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • eBay Product Research
  • AliExpress Market Research
  • Wholesale Supplier Database
  • Live Chat Support
  • Find hot products to sell online in minutes
  • Discover the best item categories and keywords

Helium 10

Helium 10‘s key capabilities are for Amazon sellers, but its tools and insights can be used on eBay and other eCommerce sites. Its product research tools can help retailers find profitable products on any platform.

Helium 10 is a powerful product research tool that offers a range of features to eBay sellers. It helps sellers find profitable products, improve their listing quality, and optimize their storefronts.

Helium 10
Helium 10

Key features of Helium 10

  • Helium 10’s Black Box technology helps find market goldmines. It helps merchants find high-potential product ideas by assessing demand, competition, and profitability.
  • Cerebro Reverse ASIN Lookup: Successful competitors typically have insights. Helium 10’s Cerebro analyzes rivals’ keywords, strategy, and ranking indicators to give merchants these insights. Sellers may make informed product listing judgments.
  • Helium 10’s Keyword Tracker tracks keyword performance over time. You may improve your keyword strategy with this information to make your products visible to shoppers.
  • Index Checker: Amazon’s search system must index your listings. Helium 10’s Index Checker lets you see which goods are indexed and take necessary action.
  • Alerts: Helium 10’s Alerts function informs you of important listing changes. Receive instant notifications to address listing hijacking and suppressed buy boxes.
  • Profitability Calculator: Knowing your prospective profits helps you decide. Product expenses, Amazon fees, and more are considered by the Profitability Calculator to determine profits.
  • Aftercare: Good customer relations can lead to great evaluations and repeat business. Helium 10’s Follow-Up automates targeted email campaigns to boost client satisfaction.
  • Scribbles: Helium 10’s Scribbles simplify product listing optimization. This program creates keyword-rich, appealing product titles and descriptions for visibility.
  • Frankenstein: Tackle keyword organizing chaos with Frankenstein. This tool streamlines and improves keyword lists.
  • Inventory Management: Avoiding stockouts and overstocking requires good inventory management. Helium 10’s inventory management capabilities track stock and reorders.

Chili Hunter

Chili Hunter is useful for eBay dropshipping market research. Use it to uncover new trends, find the most profitable products, and analyze your store’s and competitors’ performance.

Best of all, this dropshipping solution comes in one simple plan and delivers crucial information to enhance revenues. Chilli-Hunter helps you identify the top dropship products and enhance business effectiveness in seconds.

Chili Hunter
Chili Hunter

Key features of Chili Hunter

  • Discover Trending Niches: Learn about popular niches and top-selling items. Save hours and make big money searching for profitable products.
  • Spy on Competitors: Beat your rivals by staying ahead. Show their secrets to save time on product research and work more efficiently.
  • Use the Keyword Search Tool to avoid wasting time testing products or guessing which will sell. Chili Hunter’s Keyword Search Tool lets you research top selling items on ebay for your dropshipping store and check their sell-through rate.
  • eBay Title Builder: Use Chili Hunter’s Title Builder to create captivating titles for your products. Free access to LuckyWords teaches professional eBay product titles.
  • Quick and Easy Product Importing: Use any of our 25+ vendors to import the products you found in seconds. Enjoy bulk, scheduled, recurring, and single-product imports.


Flipmine is an online arbitrage tool that assists Amazon Sellers in locating underpriced products on eBay in order to purchase and resell them on Amazon and Walmart Marketplace. Flipmine‘s strong search engine can instantly identify best selling items on ebay.


Key features of Flipmine

  • Sales History
  • Pricing History
  • Estimated Profits
  • Lowest FBA Offer
  • Buy Box Owner
  • Lowest FBM Offer
  • Condition
  • Location
  • Seller Eligibility
  • List and purchase links


In conclusion, eBay Product Research Tools are essential for increasing earnings. These market insights can help you find profitable items, gauge client demand, and beat the competition. These tools help you make better judgments, optimize product listings, and boost sales and profitability. Whatever your selling experience, eBay Product Research Tools are vital for success in the competitive online marketplace.

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