5 Best MerchantWords Alternatives for Amazon Sellers

5 Best MerchantWords Alternatives
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Are you looking for best MerchantWords alternatives? I’m going to assume that you’re interested given that you’re reading this blog.

If you are an Amazon seller struggling to boost your sales by getting a higher search rank, MerchantWords is your problem’s solution. Its SEO tools let you spy on the competition and drive more traffic to your products and services across multiple Amazon marketplaces. Learn the trick of the trade with insightful data from MerchantWords.

What is MerchantWords?

MerchantWords helps Amazon sellers identify keywords. It helps you examine what keywords your rivals are using to market their products.

They compare your goods to competitors. You may check how you compare in Amazon’s search results, pricing, reviews, and ratings to comparable things.

Merchant Words Landing Page
MerchantWords Landing Page

Pros of MerchantWords

  • Provides access to a wide range of data
  • Doesn’t provide typical keyword searches
  • It does not need a lot of modification.
  • Works directly with Amazon

Why you should look for MerchantWords alternatives?

Even with all of these great features, there are some issues that we will discuss below. As you can see, MerchantWords can help you find keywords, but it falls short in a few important areas.

  • A MerchantWords subscription costs $29 per month, which is a lot. For that price, you can buy other tools that do the same thing but have more features.
  • Only good for keyword research. If you want to do product research and see things like monthly sales, sales trends, and revenue, you’ll need to buy other tools.
  • Only Search for Keywords in One Country or Region: Their first-tier subscription only lets you search for keywords in one country, and their second-tier subscription only lets you search for keywords in one region.
  • Number of Searches Is Limited: With their cheapest plan, you can only do 500 keyword searches per month.
  • No Search Filters: When looking for keywords, you can’t tell the search engine how many words a term should have or how many searches it should get each month.
  • No Free Trial: Before you buy MerchantWords, you can’t try it out for free or at a discount.

5 Best MerchantWords Alternatives

In this section of Best MerchantWords Alternatives article, we will list 5 best tools to replace MerchantWords. Let’s follow along.

Helium 10

Helium10 makes it easier for Amazon sellers to find keywords and keep track of them. You can keep an eye on both your free and paid keywords in real time from a single dashboard. With a feature called “Rocket Boost,” you can see how your keywords are ranking for your products every hour for 10 days.

The tool helps you collect important information about the keywords you want to use. You can keep track of how keywords rank on Amazon and how much they change,  plan for monthly trends and searches. You can also compare your SEO strategy to those of your competitors.

Helium10 is built to be easy to use, so there is no learning curve. You can quickly get the most out of the tool and get the best results.

Helium 10's Landing Page
Helium 10’s Landing Page

Why should you choose Helium10?

  • It is an all-in-one platform that also allows you to swap between plans
  • It contains some of the most advanced optimization, reverse ASIN, and product validation features available
  • It has a free plan that offers you restricted access to the majority of the features
  • Its unique tools include the Magnet, Frankenstein, Scribbles, and Cerebro
  • Access to Freedom Ticket, one of the greatest Amazon FBA courses

Cons of Helium10

  • With the free plan, you can only use it twice a day
  • No provider database


AMZ.One is an all-in-one Amazon sales solution. This all-in-one comprises 15 apps with a similar idea and interface. The tools are complimentary, so the data generated from one may be used to extract performance and troubleshoot the approach with another. The mission is to provide a complete solution that includes all aspects of Amazon success: ranking tracking and sales, product search, organic placement research, reviews, security…

AMZ ONE Homepage
AMZ ONE Homepage

Why should you choose AMZ One?

  • Easy keywording: Keyword data simplifies research and helps develop listings and product descriptions
  • Notifications: Monitoring Amazon might be a full-time job. Amz One makes tracking easier by sending you alerts and updates
  • Discount: You may choose a plan that fits your budget
  • On Page Analyzer
  • Product Finder
  • Sales Tracking
  • Amazon Product Promotions

Cons of AMZ One

  • Some may find the program confusing
  • Some may find subscription prices high

Merch Informer

Merch Informer is an Amazon vendor platform. This tool facilitates product production by letting vendors know what buyers desire.

This tool leverages API to separate designer/seller-relevant data. It lets you study new ideas, locate keywords, and arrange designs for improved efficiency.

This avoids the hassle of searching Amazon. Merch Informer helps retailers develop better items and choices.

Merch Informer Landing Page
Merch Informer Landing Page

Why should you choose Merch Informer?

  • Trademarks: Marks may get you banned from Merch by Amazon. Merch Informer lets you verify whether the terms you intend to use are trademarked
  • Hotkeys: They swiftly list pages. This means you can upload various shirt designs as a go making your job more effective
  • Analytics: Merch Informer shows how your Merch by Amazon account is doing. Merch Informer delivers more thorough Amazon account metrics
  • Time-saving: Merch Informer saves you time and helps you produce fresh designs. Keyword research takes minutes, not hours or days
  • Chrome Add-ons: Merch Informer provides chrome addons that help. Extensions provide real-time personal assistance. This means you may submit designs without worrying about trademark violation
  • Cost-effective: NewBie costs $10/month. This membership offers most of the preceding perks. Three sales a month will return your investment
  • User-friendly: Merch Informer streamlines niche research, listing optimization, and product creation. The UI and data are straightforward to use and comprehend

Cons of Merch Informer

  • Misuse may occur: Merch Informer provides members with competitive data. Unscrupulous sellers may use it to replicate and sell other people’s creations
  • Low-cost plans lack important features: Although inexpensive, low-tier plans like the Newbie plan lack crucial selling characteristics. Product search and keyword tracking are examples
  • Needs credit card immediately: You must submit credit details to start the free trial. This may deter purchasers who wish to trial the goods before paying
  • Learning Curve: Merch Informer is plug-and-play, but consumers must learn a lot to maximize its utilization. Watching videos and contacting the community and support staff may be required


Ecomhunt helps ecommerce business owners find best-selling dropshipping products without spending a lot of time and money on research and test ads. Ecomhunt is a reputable dropshipping platform with millions of worldwide success stories.

Ecomhunt has several innovative features. Ecomhunt has more than 2000 handpicked dropshipping products, detailed performance analytics including total orders and ratings, and links to trusted AliExpress suppliers, social media ads, and competitors on Shopify, eBay, and Amazon.

Ecomhunt is updated everyday with fresh winning items hand-picked by dropshipping and market research specialists.

Ecomhunt Landing Page
Ecomhunt Landing Page

Why should you choose Ecomhunt?

  • Thousands of dropshipping winners in every niche
  • New dropshipping items added everyday
  • Full order, review, and rating analytics
  • AliExpress suppliers, rivals, and social ads
  • Prices, costs, and profit margins are recommended
  • Market saturation inspector for proprietary markets
  • Social media likes and interactions
  • Targeted Facebook ad choices with daily results
  • One-click database import to Shopify


ZonGuru is a toolkit for Amazon merchants that includes product research, eBay listing, and email automation. ZonGuru provides precise estimates and facts.

ZonGuru’s 17 tools may help Amazon sellers boost their company. It’s worth a try. Keyword tracker and research tools help it outrank competitors in any market.

Amazon.com has the most ecommerce shoppers. This makes Amazon product research and optimization harder. ZonGuru provides a set of tools to assist Amazon merchants maximize their profits.

ZonGuru Landing Page
ZonGuru Landing Page

Why should you choose ZonGuru?

  • Business Dashboard shows trending metrics. Sale Spy uses genuine data from Amazon’s API to find high-demand, high-profit goods.
  • Email Automator streamlines and automates email answers for when consumers feel upset or tired waiting for a response from a team that may have missed their query (because of how cluttered inboxes can be).
  • Chrome Extension makes product research quicker and shows what people regard as best-sellers; here is where ‘bestseller rank’ comes in; knowing whether yours ranks highly will imply more sales
  • Keyword Tracker monitors product locations
  • Keyword Listing Optimizer analyzes your exposure for all important search phrases, and Product Monitor warns you to any product review or listing jacking

Helpful orders ZonGuru ensures customer satisfaction and never loses track of the most crucial parts of a successful firm. IP monitor makes it simple to spot dodgy vendors attempting to steal your intellectual property.

Cons of ZonGuru

  • The basic plan has very few features
  • A little bit expensive
  • A brief time of testing

Conclusion of best MerchantWords alternatives

After exploring all the MerchantWords alternatives. You can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

The effectiveness of your company is directly related to the tools you use. You shouldn’t have to shell out a lot of cash for information you can get elsewhere for free. Make sure you’ve done your study before purchasing any keyword or product research program.

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