AdvertSuite Review – Is It Worth The Investment For Your Ads Campaigns?

AdvertSuite Review – Is It Worth The Investment For Your Ads Campaigns?
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Are you wondering whether AdvertSuite is worth investing in? It’s a popular tool that promises to help marketers optimize their Facebook campaigns. But what’s the truth behind it? Find out in this AdvertSuite review.

What is AdvertSuite?

AdvertSuite is a software that allows you to spy on your competitors’ social media advertising campaigns. With this tool, you can see what your competitors are doing to succeed and mimic their strategies to boost your own campaigns. AdvertSuite can also help you find winning audiences, interests, and even landing pages that you can target with your Facebook Ads.


This tool provides keyword research, competition statistics with detailed analysis reports, a robust search filter, and a vast quantity of trending and engaging Advertisements. It can also target any geographic audience, their interests, and their engagement rate.

Pros and Cons of AdvertSuite

There are benefits and drawbacks to AdvertSuite. In the same way as with any other program.

Pros of AdvertSuite

  • Advertsuite can filter, search, and evaluate competing Advertising campaigns
  • Smooth dashboard
  • Effective Advertising spy tool
  • Advanced filter
  • Unlimited searches
  • It monitors Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Adwords
  • They add thousands of ads daily
  • Affordable/one-time price
  • Whitelabel is available
  • Nice service

Cons of AdvertSuite

  • FE/Basic works just for Facebook Advertising.
  • Instagram, YouTube, and Google AdWords require OTO1/Pro.

Who can benefit from AdvertSuite?

Each serious online marketer worth their salt should have Advertsuite, a one-of-a-kind social in marketing tool with an innovative search algorithm, in their arsenal. Whether you’re a small-time entrepreneur, an affiliate marketer, an online store owner, or an ad agency, this gives you a significant edge.

You’ll gain a whole new depth of insight and understanding into the goings-on with the help of the Advertsuite Ads spy tool. With Advertsuite, you will have a more holistic view of the advertising world.

You may learn about the landing pages they use for specific GEOs, the language they employ on their sales pages, and the overall quality of their product and customer service by examining their advertisements.

In a nutshell, it allows you to analyze your rivals’ methods in detail, which aids in the creation of a comparable advertising strategy that can help you triumph over them.

The highlight features of AdvertSuite

AdvertSuite is an all-in-one marketing automation solution for social media ads. We’ll go over the features of Advertsuite, as well as its pricing plans, so that you have everything you need to make an informed decision.

Spy Facebook Ads

Advertsuite allows Facebook Advertising searches and spying. Its Facebook Ads spying feature gives information about your competitors’ ads.

Searching Facebook Ads
Searching Facebook Ads

Advertsuite will provide you with details on your competitors’ ad campaigns, including:

  • Successful ads from the present and the past.
  • Options for targeting ad copies were used (location, age, etc.)
  • Funnels and landing sites created ads.
  • When and how often their ads were viewed.

Spy Instagram Ads

Instagram has evolved into a powerful advertising platform, used by almost every marketer to reach their intended audience. In minutes, Advertsuite can find the most profitable Instagram advertising campaigns/ideas, evaluate rivals, and study certain techniques.

Searching Instagram Ads
Searching Instagram Ads

Spy on Google Ads

Searching Google Ads
Searching Google Ads

In this regard, Advertsuite is an excellent tool for keeping eyes on the Google Adwords strategies of your rivals. By utilizing this program, you can learn:

  • Competitor keywords
  • Which keyword performs best?
  • Their advertising duration
  • Running Advertisements for keywords?
  • The best ads.

Spy on YouTube Ads

Advertsuite gives you full data control about social media marketing on Youtube. YouTube Ads data helps boost your Ads campaign.

Searching YouTube Ads
Searching YouTube Ads

Besides your competitor’s YouTube brand strategy and ad wording. It also analyzes YouTube advertising, including impressions, likes, historical information, and more.

Search with Advanced Filters

Advertsuite’s powerful filters let you easily add or remove ads that don’t meet your criteria. Keyword search, media type, ad creation date, eCommerce platforms, CTA button, domain, audience nation, first viewed date, last seen date, language, gender, age, likes, comments, shares, and more.

Search with Advance Filters
Search with Advance Filters

In-Depth Data About Ads

All ads in the results offer detailed information about the ad or more if you click the question mark icon. These features show the ad’s conversion rate, if it’s running, and the advertiser’s contact information.

In-Depth Data About Ads
In-Depth Data About Ads

As you hover over the question mark, you’ll get information about the target audience for the advertisement, as well as the country of origin, age range, website address, and page where the ad will appear.

Ad demographic
Ad demographic

The results page ads display the following:

  • Whether a carousel, photo, or video.
  • Ad title or header text.
  • The ad’s runtime.
  • All emotions and exchanges require engagement.

AdvertSuite Pricing

Are you considering using AdvertSuite for your online marketing needs? Here’s a breakdown of the software’s pricing to help you make an informed decision.

AdvertSuite Basic Package: $67

This package covers the full Facebook ads package and includes all the filters for Facebook ads featured in the previous sections, as well as access to the entire database. This package is ideal for those who want to create a Facebook marketing campaign for their products and services and optimize it for their target audience.

Syndicate Upgrade: $67

If you want to extend your marketing campaign beyond Facebook ads, you’ll need to purchase the Syndicate Upgrade. This extension unlocks the Instagram, Google, and YouTube filters and is recommended for users who want to scale up their campaigns. With this upgrade, you can cover multiple platforms, which is essential for most online marketing campaigns.


AdvertSuite Pricing
AdvertSuite Pricing

Success Training Package: $57

The Success Training Package is a useful upgrade for non-professional users or those who want to learn more about creating successful ad campaigns. This package includes VIP training materials from Luke Maguire, the creator of AdvertSuite. It consists of a few video lessons on how to use the application and make the most of its features. Additionally, new videos are added periodically, and VIP webinars are available for purchasers.

Reseller Extension: $497

The Reseller Extension is an optional package that’s ideal for software developers who want to create their own version of AdvertSuite to sell. With this package, you’ll be given the right to change and resell 20 licenses. While most users won’t find this extension useful for online marketing purposes, it could be a valuable investment for those who want to develop and sell their own software.

Don’t let cost be a barrier to accessing AdvertSuite. Our AdvertSuite group buy offers a more affordable option for you to benefit from this tool.

AdvertSuite Review: Conclusion

In conclusion, AdvertSuite is an incredible tool for boosting your social media ads and growing your customer base. It can be expensive, but it’s worth the investment if you have a good understanding of social media platforms and what goes into making successful campaigns.

Plus, its intuitive tools can quickly get your marketing to the next level with great efficiency! So if you’re looking to get more out of your social media advertising, AdvertSuite is definitely worth a consideration.

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